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Questions: "What Size Best Fits My Pet? Can I Take Sidecar On and Off My Bike? Will It Fit My Current Bike?" Our Team Is Here To Help

The Petunia

The Petunia

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Introducing the Pony Keg Sidecar: A Compact and Stylish Ride for Small Pets

  • Fitted with our quick connect brackets to quicky attach and detach from most bicycles and e-bikes without tools
  • Fits pets 30lbs and under
  • Repurposed pony keg shell
  • Lightweight/Low Profile
  • 4130 chromoly steel frame

Designed for Small Pets with Big Personalities

The Petunia, our Pony Keg Sidecar, is tailor-made for small pets weighing 30lbs and under. We understand that even our pint-sized furry friends have big personalities, and that's why we've created a sidecar that matches their uniqueness. Whether it's your adventurous cat or your spirited small dog, the Petunia provides a secure and comfortable space for them to join you on your cycling adventures.

Repurposed Pony Keg Shell

We're passionate about sustainability, which is why we repurpose pony keg shells for the Petunia sidecar. By giving new life to these materials, we reduce waste and create a distinctive and eco-friendly riding experience for your pet. Rest assured, the repurposed pony keg shell is both durable and visually appealing.

Lightweight and Low Profile

The Petunia boasts a lightweight and low-profile design, ensuring optimal maneuverability and stability during rides. It's carefully constructed with a 4130 chromoly steel frame, providing strength and reliability while keeping the sidecar lightweight and easy to handle.

Custom Fit for Your Bicycle or E-bike

We believe in providing a seamless integration between your bike and the Petunia sidecar. That's why each sidecar is custom-built to fit your specific bicycle or e-bike. We want to ensure a secure attachment and a smooth riding experience for you and your pet, no matter where your adventures take you.

Experience Unforgettable Rides with the Petunia

The Petunia allows your small pet to ride in style and comfort, attracting attention wherever you go. Its compact size and customized fit make it the ideal companion for cycling enthusiasts with smaller pets. Embrace the joy of shared adventures and create lasting memories with the Petunia by your side.

Join the Refurrrbished Sidecars Community

Become part of our passionate community of pet owners who value sustainability, style, and the happiness of their pets. Choose the Pony Keg Sidecar, the Petunia, and provide your small pet with a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Elevate your cycling adventures and make a statement with Refurrrbished Sidecars.


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